From a mountain ranch in Chase, BC to an aquaponics facility on the cutting edge of sustainable cannabis cultivation, the story of two gentlemen and the cannabis business they built is as unforgettable as their cannabis is legendary.

Rudi Schiebel and Laine Keyes met playing hockey in the farm leagues of Canada’s West Coast. After the two suffered career ending injuries on the ice, two partnered up to build Turtle Valley Bison Company, a Bison Ranch that focused on raising protein responsibly. During this time, they had a realization that raising animals was more about creating a sustainable environment for them to thrive in than anything else

When Canada became the first G7 country to legalize cannabis, they began to dream about bringing their philosophy of sustainable protein and regenerative agriculture together with the sprit of British Columbia, local salmon and B.C. Bud.

So they did.

Rudi and Laine started Habitat in 2017, creating a model that is equally environmental as it is economical.


Rudi Schiebel
CEO & Co-founder

Rudi is the CEO and co-founder of Habitat Life. He comes from an agriculture and entrepreneurial background after starting Turtle Valley Bison Company. Rudi’s passion for finding innovative ways to produce responsible and sustainable products was born during this time and something that drives him to continue pushing the limits on holistic farming practices.

For him, the realization that running a ranch was as much about ensuring the health of an entire ecosystem for the animals as it was about raising the animals themselves was the starting point of Habitat’s cultivation methodology. With hands on experience building profitable companies with a positive social mandate, Rudi is a dedicated leader committed to growing organic salmon and delivering organic cannabis to consumers that is industry-leading in quality, price and sustainability.


Laine Keyes
Director of Cultivation & Co-Founder

Laine brings an extensive background in cannabis cultivation and sustainable agriculture to the Habitat team. Previously he was a co-founder of Turtle Valley Bison Company, where he focused on regenerating the ranches soils through holistic grazing practices. Laine also comes from a line of cannabis cultivators as his mother grew under the MMAR license regime.

In addition to his passion for responsible, sustainable growing practices, his experience working alongside his mother sparked the realization for his other passion, cannabis genetics. Today, Habitat has a robust genetics bank of over 180 cultivars thanks to Laine, who brings a meticulous sense of detail to Habitat’s growing practices.


Justin Henry
Director of Aquaculture

Since childhood, Justin has been immersed in the world of fish. After studying and practicing aquaculture for more than three decades, Justin has a fresh take on how to bring salmon farming in a new direction.

With a demonstrated passion for aquaponics and challenging the status quo, Justin has designed the innovative ecosystem for Habitat that grows both Coho Salmon as well as supports the growing of premium cannabis. Justin has completed a bachelor’s degree in Aquaculture from the University of British Columbia as well as a master’s degree in Aquaculture Biotechnology at Aalborg University in Denmark.


Shawn Ripley
Chief Commercial Officer

Shawn is an experienced cannabis professional with a strong science and business background. As former VP of Chemistry with AGAT Laboratories he played an integral role in refining automated quality systems and the strategic business plan. During this time, he also led his own shop that offered planning, community and government relations services for municipalities and land owners. However, in 2013 his true passion was revealed and he decided to bring his talents to the cannabis industry where he was instrumental in achieving licensing for Sundial Growers LP, founded Efx Laboratories and partnered with Broken Coast. Shawn believes in crafting products that will truly meet customer interests, which is what led him to Habitat in 2018.