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Canada’s cannabis ‘green rush’ yet to reap rewards

“Everyone focused on funding and it really let the quality of the product fall short,” says Kayla Mann, chief financial officer of Habitat Craft, which uses aquaponics — a process involving nutrient rich water...

Canadian budtenders can’t get enough of these micro cannabis brands

Small batch, micro cannabis products are bringing a quality and bag appeal to the consumer market that is changing the game in Canada, say several retailers and growers across the country...

Habitat Craft Cannabis Ltd.

Rudi Schiebel and Laine Keyes created Habitat Craft Cannabis in 2017 in Chase, BC when the longtime friends began looking at ways to combine their long time passion for cannabis with their interest in sustainable agriculture, into a fully legal cannabis market..

First aquaponics cannabis facility to use coho salmon

Harnessing a proprietary aquaponics system the producer hopes to garner a terpene-rich and cannabinoid-rich flower while using eco-responsible practices...

Rudi Schiebel of Habitat explains how they are growing craft cannabis using “nutrients” from coho salmon

Habitat is a microcultivator based in Shuswap, British Columbia growing in a truly unique way: using Coho Salmon as a source of nutrients...

Cannabis could be the key to sustainable fish farming

There are a few notable duos etched into the public consciousness — Batman and Robin, mac n’ cheese, Andrew Scheer and a pint of milk — but a new application of a system called aquaponics could spell the creation of a new team of superfriends: fish and cannabis...

Day 2: Salmon and cannabis - a fish tale in the heart of B.C.

Down a winding dirt road outside the mountain town of Chase, B.C., Rudi Schiebel and Laine Keyes are trying to farm fish and cannabis flowers at the same time...