Coho are an iconic salmon in the Pacific region.

Coho are one of the iconic Pacific salmon species of British Columbia, and native to the local Shuswap region. Wild coho had been harvested for food in this area for centuries, though recently the numbers of returning coho have dwindled and the harvests have ceased. Habitat Farms has now renewed a sustainable local coho harvest, with fish that are fully traceable throughout production, harvest, and delivery to the restaurant and retailer.

Available summer 2020

With increasing demand for high quality, sustainable protein, we have implemented a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) that allows us to produce fresh coho salmon every week of the year for our local market. Using RAS technology at Habitat Farms, we only require a trickle of new water to grow our fish. We then send that trickle of water, along with all of the nutrients and carbon dioxide produced by our fish, on to feed the plants.